Prod Ref 1259 - 12 x 9 Toilet

12 x 9
£40 P/Week
Available for Hire

12 x 9 steel jackleg cabin. The unit is fitted out as a 2 + 1 toilet. The men’s side has 2 No. Sinks and 2 No. Urinals with the women’s side consisting of a toilet and sink. Equipped with electric lighting heating and power. Available for hire only.

  • All prices are dependant on age, condition and availability but all are priced to sell.
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT and transport and are priced 'as seen'.
  • Re-decoration, refurbishment and/or modifications can be quoted for on all units.
  • Transport to any location in the UK can be quoted for.

This building is also available for Hire, or Hire with Option to Purchase. The Hire Rate indicated is based on a minimum hire period of 3 months payable in advance. Transport charges will be quoted separately based on the destination. Full Terms and Conditions of Hire can be supplied on request.

Customers are advised that where units are supplied 'As Seen', no warranty is made on the on the compliance of the electrical certification of the units. All such units should be inspected and certified by a qualified electrical organisation before occupation and use.

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